Since the nineties, Valbruna has concentrated part of its production in the sector of chromium-plated stainless steel bars. Owing to over 70 years of production of stainless steel bards experience, Valbruna is today an international leader of chromium-plated stainless steel bars as well.

Comparing with normal stainless steel bars, chromium-plated stainless steel bars are more outstanding in anti-corrosion, wear resistance, application of lubricants and exceptional mechanical proerties. Chormium-plated stainless steel bars can be applied to Marine and off-shore industry, hydraulc and oleodynamic engineering, petrochemistry industry, and etc.
Major Stainless Steel Grades
which chromium plating appliable
Mechanical Properties

Corrosion resistance
(Rating 10 according to ISO 4540)

Valbruna Name W. Nr. AISI BS AFNOR UNI Heat Treatment Tensile Strength
RM (N/mm2)
Yield Strength
Elongation A (%) Impact Energy
KV (Joule)
Neutral Fog Test (ASS) ISO 9227 Salt Fog Test (ASS) ISO 9227
AIS 1.4301 304 304S15 Z7CN18.09 X5CrNi18.10 Annealing >500 >200 >45 >100 +2400h +800h
AU188Z 1.4305 303 303S21 Z8CNF18.09 X10CrNiS18.09 Annealing >500 >200 >35 >100 +2400h +800h
APML 1.4404 316L 316S11 Z3CND17.11.02 X2CrNiMo17.12 Annealing >500 >200 >40 >100 +3000h +1000h
MV274MDE 1.4460 329 - Z5CND27.05AZ X8CrNiMo27.05 Annealing >620 >460 >20 >85 +2700h +900h
VAL4 1.4057 431 431S29 Z15CN16.02 X16CrNi16 Quench & Tempered >800 >600 >12 >20 +600h +200h
V174 1.4542 630 17.4PH Z5CNU17.04 - Aged >930 >725 >50 >41 +2100h +700h
Other grades on request
Major Technical Data
Production size range Ø5.00mm - Ø200.0mm
Chrome thickness Ø8.00mm - Ø16.00mm:15 กำ 5 (Microns) (L Series)
Ø18.00mm - Ø125.00mm:25 กำ 5 (Microns) (L Series)
Ø18.00mm - Ø125.00mm:50 กำ 5 (Microns) (P Series)
Surface roughness Ra = 0.05 - 0.15 (Microns)
Other size please contact us
Chrome hardness HRC: 67 - 70
0.1 :900 - 1100
Tolerance ISO f7
Other tolerances on request
Length 3000mm - 7500mm
Per customer's request
Roundness Up to 1/2 of the tolerance
Straightness 0.20mm / 1000mm
Packing Wrapped with recyclable polypropylene; carton tubes and/or wooden boxes per customer's request
Superior performance over normal steel bars
Hardness Average hardness of the chrome film: 70HRC (1,100 HV)
Wear resistance 12 - 15 times greater than special steels
4 -5 times greater than induction hardened steels
Corrosion resistance 20 - 25 times greater than micro-alloyed CR-plated steels
2 - 3 times greater than Nickel-Chrome steels
Application of lubricant Lubricants are easily retained by the chromed surface


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