Magival® is a group of easily workable ferritic stainless steels develped for magnetic applications where required:
• high permeability
• low coercitive force

It is produced entirely by ACCIAIERIE VALBRUNA S.P.A. in Vicenza from casting to cold working. Controlled chemical analysis and sophisticated elaboration processes allow us to produce ferritic structures which are highly sensitive to magnetic field variations without expensive post-mechanical working annealing. Due to the easy and fast magnetizing and faster de-magnetizing attitude, Magival is used to produce:
• magnetic cores
• electric valves
• electromagnetic devices
• flow regulators
• relays

Valbruna has developed four Magival® grades:
MG1 - Is the best known and most widely used in the automobile industry as well as household appliances.
MG2 - Is used in parts for magnetic devices where high degrees of magnetic permeability and low coercitive force is required.
MG3 - Its applications are the same as for MG1, but is used where the requirements for higher resistance to corrosion are necessary thanks to its high content of molybdenum.
MG4 - Its composition has been studied for uses where better magnetic specifications and resistance to corrosion are required. Such properties are obtained thanks to a low degree of interstitial elements and a high content of molybdenum.


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